WAIT!Ignoring This Could Cost You Money And Put Your PayPal Account At Risk!

“How To Minimize The Risk Of PayPal Account Problems And Get On The Good Side Of PayPal!”

If you run an Internet marketing business and use PayPal as a payment processor, whether you’re a product creator, an affiliate (or you hope to be), quite simply YOU NEED this special guide!

Dear Fellow Marketer,

I got the shock of my life a couple of months ago!

In several years of marketing I had NEVER experienced anything like this before.

It happened when someone purchased one of my products and then raised a dispute with PayPal only minutes after!

This was confusing enough (it happens sometimes – that’s IM life) as they couldn’t have had the chance to download the product before passing judgment… besides my refund rate is extremely low.

But worse still…

PayPal said they were investigating this AND limiting my account. I couldn’t withdraw any money to my PayPal account!

What the heck!!! And I hadn’t even done anything wrong! Normally PayPal investigate these disputes but don’t limit your account as well!

Just under a week later they sent me a follow up email. They’d finished their investigations and were happy with the way with the way I was running my account. The limit was REMOVED and I breathed a huge sigh of relief!



I Was One Of The Lucky Ones

I can continue using PayPal to sell my stuff (and buy stuff TOO!) as well as no longer having the worry of not being able to access my funds!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a digital rock recently you’ve probably read that several marketers have not been so lucky… their businesses on hold, treading water in very dangerous seas,

Now, here is the most important part. When your account is frozen you CANNOT receive any payments for products you sell and you CANNOT withdraw any money to your bank account! In most cases you CANNOT issue refunds for your products too!

Your business is completely on hold until either PayPal reinstates your account or permanently REMOVES it.

PayPal Has Been Known To Freeze Accounts For Up To Six Months!

Imagine the problems this would cause?

You can’t transfer funds to your bank account, pay your affiliates or worse still you relied on the income from your PayPal sales to pay your bills, your mortgage and basically fund your lifestyle.

The consequences could be FATAL for your online business!

So I decided to RESEARCH and CREATE a product that would help my fellow marketers.  A product that dramatically REDUCES the risk of PayPal freezing or terminating your account.

I’ve included some of the practices I use in my own business that are considered “PayPal-Friendly”. Plus I’ve combined this with some additional research so you can MINIMIZE the risk of PayPal account problems in your business.


You’re never gonna run, or sustain, a full-time online business using PayPal as a payment processor, unless you buddy up with them and play by their rules.

Even better I’ve created this product so marketers of all levels will find something valuable within these pages.

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Discover Today…

  • Exactly what Internet marketers CANNOT sell using PayPal as a payment processor.
  • The one kind of product that is likely to be flagged by Paypal as highly SUSPICIOUS and why you should take great care when selling this product.
  • Two important components you should review in your product salesletter that reduces the chance of PayPal flagging your products as suspicious – sell your stuff with peace of mind that it’s “PayPal friendly”.
  • One MASSIVE mistake I see many marketers making time and time again that will almost certainly lead to their PayPal account being frozen, or worse still, terminated. HINT : Compel don’t force.
  • One “Mindset Myth” about PayPal that needs to be banished forever – lose this mindset else you’ll NEVER succeed in this business.
  • The top 5 “Unusual” activities that INCREASES the chances of your PayPal account being investigated.
  • ESSENTIAL steps you should take if you plan to launch a product, or promote an offer, that may encourage “Unusual” activity in your account.
  • Why making regular withdrawals from your PayPal account is HIGHLY advisable and not only for your bank balance.
  • One MAJOR mistake some people make when logging into their PayPal account. Do this regularly and you could end up in a whole heap of trouble with PayPal.
  • One little known, and rarely spoken, reason why PayPal could freeze your account despite you not doing anything considered “Unusual”.
  • Two REALLY cool ideas to INCREASE your professionalism as well as reducing your refund rate.
  • Two alternative payment processors that are “Internet Marketing Friendly” you can use as backups should Paypal freeze your account.
  • Why it’s not always a good idea to open a merchant account.
  • The “Pandora Box” system for dealing with accounts that have been frozen, so you increase the chances of PayPal quickly reinstating your account.
  • Plus much MORE.

I want you to be 100% happy when you purchase PayPal Pandora Box right now.

Take a full 30 days to check out the main guide, listen to the .mp3 and check out the mindmap plus the other bonuses. And if for any reason you’re unhappy, simply contact me and I’ll quietly and promptly refund every penny of your investment.

You honestly can’t lose when you say “yes” today.

So What Does A Product That Shows You How To Dramatically Reduce The Risk Of PayPal Account Problems Cost?

Considering I’ve not seen this specific information discussed in other products…

and yet EVERY internet marketer I know uses Paypal as one of their main payment processors, I could easily charge $47 for this sensitive information.

However I believe marketers of all levels, from newbies through to advanced, could BENEFIT from this information, I’m not going to charge anywhere near that today.

You’re gonna get it for a song!

I’ve locked the price at $7, but not for long.

PayPal Pandoras Box