Is Your Business Restricted By The Single PayPal IPN Feature?

This Smart IPN Redirect WordPress Plugin Allows You To Send IPN Notifications To Multiple Systems With Ease!

Works With PayPal, JVZoo, Thrivecart, Paykickstart, and ClickBank

If you use one of these systems as your primary payment processing platform then you know very well that while it is a good system, there are some severe limitations when trying to sell multiple products from multiple websites.

Namely, the Instant Payment Notification, or IPN.

The  IPN is an important tool for integrating with 3rd party systems, such as membership sites, ticketing systems, and various fulfillment systems.

The problem with these platforms is that you can only have one IPN forwarding URL.

With the plethora of systems that every professional online entrepreneur must use to make money online, chances are that you will need the ability to forward the IPN data to various systems at the same time – the time of sale.

Doing That With PayPal Is Pretty Much Impossible

Now there are other ways to do this, but most of them are either too technical, or still limited in what they can actually do.

And that is exactly why we developed the Sonic IPN WordPress plugin.

You see, ‘the other guys’ can push data to multiple platforms, but they can’t specify what transaction can go to what platform.

We accomplish this by redirecting IPN data based on product ‘title/name’ (note – not product description).

They say a picture says a thousand words…  Take a look at this and I think you will agree…

OK, so now you know that Sonic IPN creates possibilities for your business that no other IPN redirect plugin / software can.

So if you are looking for a simply, yet flexible and effective solution which will allow you to integrate PayPal, Thrivecart, PayKickStart, JVZoo, or ClickBank with multiple delivery systems, then Sonic IPN is a must have efficiency tool for your business.


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Single Site License


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Developer License


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions...

  • q-iconWhat platforms does this work with?

    Sonic IPN works with IPN data from PayPal, Thrivecart, PayKickStart, Clickbank, and JVZoo.  It will not work with other systems like

    This software is a WordPress plugin, so you need to install it on a WordPress site.

  • q-iconWhich license do I need?

    Sonic IPN works as a hub for all of your redirects, so you only need a single site license to run your business.  However, if you require a Developer license for client sites then grab that instead.